The Linnean Medal

Awarded to a biologist for service to science.

Awarded annually by Council alternately to one or two biologists (in any field), as an expression of the Society's esteem and appreciation for service to science. Any biologist, irrespective of nationality, who is not at the time a member of Council, is eligible to receive the Medal, which is presented at the annual Anniversary Meeting by the President, who specifies the grounds on which the medal has been awarded. Nominations should be made to Council using the form below.

Each year the closing date for nominations is the 30th November.

Recipients of the Linnean Medal

  • Kamaljit Bawa, Jeremy Holloway and Sophien Kamoun (2018)
  • Charlie Jarvis and David Rollinson (2017)
  • Sandra Knapp and Georgina Mace (2016)
  • Engik Soepadmo, Claus Nielsen, and Rosmarie Honegger (2015)
  • Niels Kristensen and Walter Lack (2014) 
  • Kingsley Dixon (2013) 
  • Stephen Blackmore and Peter Holland (2012) 
  • Brian Coppins and Charles Godfray (2011)
  • Dianne Edwards and Derek Yalden (2010)
  • Peter Ashton and Michael Akam (2009) 
  • Jeffrey Duckett and Stephen Donovan (2008)
  • Phil Cribb and Thomas Cavalier-Smith (2007)
  • David Mabberley and Richard Fortey (2006)
  • Paula Rudall and Andrew Smith (2005)
  • Geoff Boxshall and John Dransfield (2004)
  • Pieter Baas and Bryan Clarke (2003) 
  • Sherwin Carlquist and William Kennedy (2002) 
  • Christopher Humphries and Gareth Nelson (2001) 
  • Bernard Verdcourt and Michael Claridge (2000) 
  • Philip Barry Tomlinson and Quentin Bone (1999) 
  • Mark Chase and Colin Patterson (1998) 
  • Rosemary Helen Lowe-McConnell and Enrico Coen (1997) 
  • Keith Vickerman John Heslop-Harrison (1996) 
  • Stuart Max Walters and John Maynard Smith (1995) 
  • F.E. Round and Alec Jeffreys (1994) 
  • Barbara Pickersgill and L.B. Brower (1993) 
  • R.E. Schultes and A.J. Gould (1992) 
  • W.G. Chaloner and R.M. May (1991) 
  • G.T. Prance and F.G. Rees (1990)

The Linnean Medal Nomination Form

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