Our Local Nature Grant Scheme

Impact to date:

  • In the last three years, the Linnean Society has provided £24,000 to 41 projects across the UK
  • Over one thousand young people have been empowered as a direct result of the scheme, with a further four thousand directly benefitting from being involved
  • Our Local Nature grant applications for 2024 will open early Autumn this year.


The Our Local Nature Grant scheme is designed to provide young people with an opportunity to take the lead on projects that involve their local nature and natural spaces, to aid young people in realising their influence to affect positive change, to have their voices heard, and see their ideas come to life.

We therefore fund innovative projects that are designed and led by young people in the UK.

Adult applicants should develop their proposal alongside young people and the projects should seek to empower local young people to enact changes they want to see, such as increasing access to natural spaces and improving understanding of their local biodiversity.

The maximum award is £1,000 per proposal. We welcome and encourage applications for significantly lower amounts - in the last two years we have funded a wide spread of projects ranging from £150 to £1,000. The Society is happy to co-fund any project with other organisations.

This grant is purposefully broad and welcomes novel ideas. Some examples of possible proposals could be: running a school festival about nature; painting community murals showcasing biodiversity in the area; building a community garden; creating a nature walk; hiring a speaker to come and talk about local foraging.


  • 22 August 2023 - Applications open
  • 22 October 2023 - Applications close
  • Mid November 2023 - All applicants receive update email
  • Early December 2023 - All applicants informed of outcome
  • Jan 2024 - Projects begin
  • Jun 2024 - Projects end and awardees submit end of project form

I feel that this project set us in a direction which will ensure our students will engage in the local community and improve the environment around us.

Sally Gough

Ellesmere Special School


We recognise the expertise of young people and those that work closely with them, and so we are keen to hear what activities you think would work best for engaging people with your local nature and natural spaces.

The grant can be used for materials, room hire, publicity, public-speakers, training-professionals, contractors and freelancers, project-specific staff costs (see limitation below), audio-visual hire, reasonable volunteer expenses, transport or other costs of activities/ events.

The grant cannot be used for large prizes, on-going salary costs, costs that are already covered by other funding, general running costs and overheads that are paid for by other income. More than half of the grant cannot be spent on refreshments or project-specific staff costs.

These grants are available to individuals and organisations who are linked with a group of young people within the UK. This includes, but is not limited to, school staff, student groups, home education groups, community groups and small charities. There must be evidence that the applicant is linked with a group of young people. We will not award more than one grant to any one applicant in any one year.

Our application process is designed to be simple to allow young people to apply with adult support.
Through this we hope to encourage thoughtful applications without too much strain on your valuable time.

Before applying, please check your project is eligible and that you have read the terms and conditions below. Submit your project through our short Application Form by 22 October 2023.

You will be asked to provide the following information in your application:

  • Details of the person/people making the application - This is your chance to tell us about who is involved in the development of this application. We want to support youth-led projects so make sure you indicate the role that young people are playing in development and decision-making processes.
  • A description of your proposed project - Fill us in on your plans and ideas! We will be assessing proposals on their potential to empower young people to increase access to natural spaces and improve understanding of the local biodiversity. We also want to ensure that your plans are detailed enough to cover all practicalities.
  • An outline of who/what would benefit - This grant seeks to empower local young people to enact the change they want to see. This means that the beneficiaries of the project could be a wide range of people or things. We are interested in projects that have a legacy - think about what the long-term impacts of this grant could be.
  • A budget outline (ideally in bullet points) of how the grant money will be used - We will be assessing applications on whether we think the project is well-budgeted - check you’re not asking for too much, or too little. A good budget provides us with confidence that you will be able to follow through with your plans and complete your project.
  • Details of the bank account which the grant will be paid into: Please triple check the details entered are correct so that we can quickly transfer the grant if you are successful. Financial information is stored securely until January 2025 when it will be erased.

By applying for the Our Local Nature grant, you are agreeing to the following conditions:

  • If successful, your project should aim to take place within the first half of 2024
  • If successful, you must participate in an evaluation process after your project is complete
  • If the provided bank account details are incorrect, your grant payment will be significantly delayed, or your grant offer may be withdrawn
  • The Linnean Society must be correctly acknowledged in any project-funded materials
  • The Linnean Society of London will not be held responsible or liable for any consequences, whether direct or indirect to any loss or damage, personal or otherwise, injury or death, however arising, in grant-funded activities

We don't!

The awardees will be selected by an online Youth Panel made up of 16-18 year olds across the country. The Youth Panel will review all applications and come to a decision, facilitated by the Society's Education Manager. The Youth Panel will also be encouraged to meet with the successful applicants to see the projects' impact first hand.

The Panel will be guided by these criteria:

  • Are the applicants eligible for this grant?
  • Do you fully understand this proposal?
  • Have the applicants shown that their proposal is feasible financially and logistically?
  • Does this proposal have a long term impact on the intended audience?
  • Do you believe that this proposal is the best one to achieve the grant's objectives?
  • Are the grants you have selected spread out across the country?

If you have any questions not answered above, please do not hesitate to email learning@linnean.org with 'Our Local Nature Grant' as the subject.

Family studying the soil at West Suffolk Hive