The Trail–Crisp Award

The Trail-Crisp Award was last awarded in 2024 and is currently under review.

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Trail–Crisp Award Recipient 2024

Dr Justyna J. Miszkiewicz sits in a chair looking into the camera

Dr Justyna J. Miszkiewicz

Dr Justyna J. Miszkiewicz’s work on bone growth through hard tissue histological analysis has provided major insights into the impacts of social and environmental conditions, and has real world implications for how we manage bone disease resulting from social disadvantage. Her work has also greatly expanded our knowledge of bone physiology in ancient populations, with these new data providing evidence for female bone health resilience in the Pacific and ancient behavioural practices in England, the Marshall Islands, and Iran, to name a few. Employing a variety of techniques including micromorphology and micromorphometrics, Justyna has also led groundbreaking research on dwarf deer and hippopotamus from the Mediterranean, and giant rats from Timor, showing that smaller body mass on islands is associated with elevated bone cell densities and rates of remodelling.

Previous Recipients of the Trail–Crisp Award

  • Dr Lara González Carretero (2023)
  • Frieda Christie (2022)
  • Dakota E. (Cody) McCoy (2021)
  • Not awarded in 2020
  • Not awarded 2019
  • Dr Andrew Chick (2018)