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Who was Linnaeus?

So just who was Carl Linnaeus? Find out who inspired Linnaeus to learn about the natural world and how he changed the way we see it. Learn about classification and why it is still important today.

Discovery Workshops

Discover a variety of interesting intimate workshops related to the whole scope of natural history.

Videos & Podcasts (Everyone)

Linnean Learning has created a variety of videos and podcasts that delve into the life of Carl Linnaeus, other key figures in biology and the special collections we hold at the Linnean Society.

Biomedia Meltdown Workshops & Competition

Are you a teacher, library coordinator or community event organiser? Book your session for BioMedia 2019-20 today!

Teaching Resources (KS1 - 4)

Linnean Learning has produced teacher resources to support primary and secondary teachers to bring biology alive in the classroom. We send Discovery Kits to schools for free, as well as posters, fact sheets, practicals and worksheets. Dive in!

The Linnean Society Student Conference 2020

Our second year of this public-facing, skills-building conference for students

OneZoom: Tree of Life explorer (Everyone)

OneZoom is an amazing interactive map of the evolutionary relationships between the 2 million species of life on our planet!

External Courses (Adults)

Interested in taxonomy or identification? Try one of these courses, ranging from leisure courses for complete beginners to professional qualifications.

Past Projects

Linnean Learning holds special events, competitions and conferences throughout the year. We also advertise external courses and have lots of nuggets of taxonomic knowledge to share!


The Curious Cases of Carl Linnaeus tells funny stories about his journey of scientific exploration. In this episode we learn about how Linnaeus attempted to make the world’s first flower clock and his key observations about the hidden lives of plants.