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UPDATE: We have put together a page full of ways to fill your time with nature if you're stuck at home.

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Linnean Learning was established in 2009 to enable the Linnean Society to connect with young people under 18 years old (as well as their teachers and parents), in order to inspire and engage the next generation with the natural world and biological sciences as a whole.

Whether you're a young person, a teacher of any age group, or an interested adult, we think we have something for you to see, just click the tiles below. You can always get in touch at

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Who was Linnaeus?

Carl Linnaeus is famous for his work in Taxonomy: the science of identifying, naming and classifying organisms.


Linnean Learning has produced teacher resources to support primary and secondary teachers to bring biology alive in the classroom. We send Discovery Kits to schools for free, as well as posters, fact sheets, practicals and worksheets. Dive in!

Biomedia Meltdown

Are you a London teacher, community organiser or library coordinator working with young Londoners? Inquire about booking workshops 2020-21!

Animated Videos

Our creative videos explore the fascinating world of Carl Linnaeus, taxonomy and whole organism biology. The stories, specimens and objects shared in these videos are entirely unique to The Linnean Society of London.


Our Podcasts are an exciting way for anyone and everyone to gain insight into the wonderful, and often weird, worlds of researchers, professionals and well known "curious minds".

The Discovery Room

The Discovery Room is a space for creativity and inspiration. Surrounded by special collection of books, manuscripts and specimens, the room is open to artists, scientists, teachers, young people and everyone interested in the natural world.

New Portrait Competition

In a special edition of the competition, we are inviting people of all ages to create a new portrait that Carl Linnaeus would really like. This year, Linnaeus would like a new portrait of his furry friend, Sjupp.

The Special Species Competition

Create your own Special Species and enter into our competition!


Have you ever met a storytelling raccoon? Well, it is our pleasure to introduce you to Sjupp (pronounced shh-up) who is here to tell short stories about the life of Carl Linnaeus.

Sjupp tells the story of how Carl named small, ugly, foul-smelling plants after his enemies. Click here for more resources around this video, and here to see our full suite of animated videos.