LinnéSys: Systematics Research Fund

The LinnéSys: Systematics Research Fund (previously known as Systematics Research Fund) supports research in the field of systematics and taxonomy. The total annual fund is £41,000, with £34,000 contributed by the Linnean Society and £7,000 contributed by the Systematics Association.


The Councils of the Linnean Society and the Systematics Association jointly administer the LinnéSys: Systematics Research Fund. This grant supports small-scale research and education projects in the fields of taxonomy and systematics on any organism group (from microscopic to macroscopic, past and present) with grants of up to £1,500.

Typical activities supported include contributions to fieldwork expenditure, the purchase of scientific equipment or expertise (e.g. buying time on analytical equipment), specimen preparation (including the cost of temporary technical assistance), and contributions to publication costs. Projects involving education, training courses or citizen science activities will also be considered, provided that they include a focus on taxonomy and systematics.

The fund does not provide support for attendance at scientific meetings, contributions to student maintenance or tuition fees, nor payment of bench fees. Projects already substantially funded by other bodies may be disadvantaged.


    In order to be eligible, the applicant must be a CURRENT MEMBER of the Linnean Society of London or the Systematics Association at the time of application. To register as a member please see Linnean membership and Systematics Association membership.

    Applicants may be at any stage of their research from undergraduate student onwards.

    Researchers who were awarded a LinnéSys award in 2022 or 2023 are not eligible for funding in the current round.

    Please note that, due to UK banking regulations, we cannot send money to countries, administrations or persons subject to financial sanctions or ‘regimes’. We may thus have to reject certain applications for this reason, regardless of the scientific quality of the proposal. provides information on financial sanctions imposed by the UK government. Please note our bankers may impose additional restrictions in addition to the countries on this list.

Help and guidance

Watch a webinar Q&A on the LinnéSys scheme

The scheme is administered by the Systematics Association. If you have any questions or need help with the form, please contact

How to apply

The deadline for applications is 23.59 BST on Sunday 7 April 2024. Applications received after the deadline cannot be accepted.

Sir David Attenborough Award for Fieldwork

The Sir David Attenborough Award for outstanding fieldwork is selected from the LinnéSys: Systematics Research Fund grant awardees.