The Darwin-Wallace Medal

Awarded to persons who have made major advances in evolutionary biology.

Previously awarded to commemorate the 50th,100th and 150th anniversaries of the reading of the joint paper by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace "On the Tendency of Species to form Varieties; and the Perpetuation of Varieties and Species by Natural Means of Selection", which was read on 1st July 1858, and published by the Linnean Society. In recognition of the continuing importance of research on evolutionary biology, the Council of the Society announced in 2008 that the medal would be awarded annually from 2010.

Nominations should be made to Council using the form below.

Each year the closing date for nominations is the 30th November.

Recipients of the Darwin-Wallace Medal

Dr Josephine Pemberton
Dr Josephine Pemberton, Medal winner 2018
  • Svante Pääbo and David Reich
  • Josephine Pemberton (2018)
  • John Thompson (2017)
  • Pamela and Douglas Soltis (2016)
  • Roger Butlin (2015)
  • Dolph Schluter (2014)
  • Godfrey Hewitt (2013)
  • Loren Henry Rieseberg (2012)
  • James Lake (2011)
  • Brian Charlesworth (2010)
  • In 2009 the recipients of the Darwin-Wallace Medal were Nick Barton, M.W. Chase, Bryan Clarke, Joseph Felsenstein, Stephen Jay Gould (posthumously), Peter R. Grant, Rosemary Grant, James Mallet, Lynn Margulis, John Maynard Smith (posthumously), Mohamed Noor, H. Allen Orr, Linda Partridge
  • In 1958 the recipients of the Darwin-Wallace Medal were Edgar Anderson, Maurice Caullery, Ronal A. Fisher, C.R. Florin, J.B.S Haldane, Roger Heim, John Hutchinson, Julian Huxley, Ernst Mayr, H.J. Muller, E. Pavlovsky, Bernhard Rensch, G. Gaylor Simpson, Carl Skottsberg, E.A. Stensio, H. Hamshaw Thomas. G.V. Turesson, E. vn Straelen, D.M.S. Watson and J.C. Willis (posthumously).
  • In 1908 the recipients of the Darwin-Wallace Medal were in Gold; Alfred Russel Wallace and in Silver; Joseph D. Hooker, Ernst Haeckel, Eduard Strasburger, August Weisman, Francis Galton and E. Ray Lankester.

The Darwin-Wallace Medal Nomination Form

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