The Darwin–Wallace Medal

Awarded to a person or group who have made major advances in evolutionary science.

Previously awarded to commemorate the 50th,100th and 150th anniversaries of the reading of the joint paper by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace 'On the Tendency of Species to form Varieties; and the Perpetuation of Varieties and Species by Natural Means of Selection', which was read on 1 July 1858, and published by the Linnean Society. In recognition of the continuing importance of research on evolutionary biology, the Council of the Society announced in 2008 that the medal would be awarded annually from 2010.

Nominations are now open. Please send your completed form to by 30 September 2024.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to any scientist of any nationality, in the field of the understanding of evolution
  • For their major advances in evolutionary science and contribution to the wider natural history community, e.g. editorial and/or committee/policy work/public engagement
  • Nominee cannot, at the time of nomination, be a member of Council
  • Nominee does not need to be a Fellow of the Society
  • We do not accept self-nominations

Nominations should be submitted by completing the downloadable form and sending to by 30 September.

Darwin–Wallace Medal Recipient 2024

Professor Sir Peter Crane standing, smiling and holding a plant, with a camera round his neck
Credit: Mitsuyasu Hasebe

Professor Sir Peter Crane FRS

Professor Sir Peter Crane FRS stands as a world leader in evolutionary biology, globally acclaimed for his groundbreaking contributions to the field of plant diversity, both living and extinct. His extensive body of work spans from the origin and fossil history of plant life to its current state, encompassing themes of conservation and practical utility. His palaeobotanical discoveries, combined with phylogenetic analyses of morphological data, have profoundly altered our outlook on early angiosperm evolution. As Director of Chicago’s Field Museum, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Dean of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies (now Yale School of Environment), and currently President of the Oak Spring Garden Foundation, Peter has always spearheaded innovation, inclusion and engagement.

Previous Recipients of the Darwin–Wallace Medal

  • Professor Ziheng Yang FRS (2023)
  • Professor David Jablonski (2022)
  • Dr Sarah P. Otto (2021)
  • Professor Spencer Barrett (2020)
  • Professor Svante Pääbo (2019)
  • Dr Josephine Pemberton (2018)