Youth Panel (Our Local Nature grant)

Yes! The Our Local Nature Grant Youth Panel is back for 2023.

This is a special opportunity for 16-18-year-olds, anywhere in the UK, to participate in a Youth Panel which will be primarily focussed on distributing an annual grant pot. The Panel will help us distribute up to £6,000 towards youth-led projects across the UK that seek to increase youth engagement with local natural spaces and encourage a deeper appreciation and understanding of nature.

The Youth Panel will take place online, using Zoom. The main task of the Panel will be to evaluate applications to the grant described above and select the awardees. This task will take place between 1-20 November. There are smaller tasks before and after this period.

The overall opportunity will be flexible to the time demands of its participants. The Panel will be assisted by the Education Manager, who will take up any strenuous activity such as short-listing, if necessary.

Why is this a good opportunity for me?

There are many reasons why you may choose to apply for this opportunity. Here is a small list:

  • You will receive training in evaluating grant applications
  • You will gain insight into ethical grant giving in a nationwide grant programme
  • You will input into financial decisions that impact young people and communities across the UK
  • You will debate, discuss and advocate for particular decisions with your peers
  • You will be supported to virtually visit one of the projects that this grant funds
  • The Linnean Society will provide a reference to be used in any future application

Apply to be on the Youth Panel (Deadline 15 October 2023)

Find out more about the grant