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Medals, Awards, Prizes and Grants

The Linnean Society of London aims to promote the study of all aspects of the biological sciences, with particular emphasis on evolution, taxonomy, biodiversity and sustainability. Through awarding medals, awards, prizes and grants, the Society acknowledges and encourages excellence in all of these fields Find out information below, including previous recipients and how to apply.


The Linnean Medal awarded to a biologist for service to science

The Bicentenary Medal awarded to a biologist under the age of 40 years in recognition of excellent work.

The Darwin-Wallace Medal awarded to persons who have made major advances in evolutionary biology

The John C Marsden Medal awarded for the best doctoral thesis in biology

The Linnean Gold Medal awarded in special circumstances for services to the Society

The Linnean Tercentenary Medal presented in 2007 on the occasion of the Tercentenary of the birth of Carl Linnaeus.

The John Spedan Lewis Medal awarded to an individual who is making a significant and innovative contribution to conservation.

Awards, Prizes and Grants

The Trail-Crisp Award in recognition of an outstanding contribution to biological microscopy that has been published in the UK

The H H Bloomer Award awarded to an amateur naturalist for an important contribution to biological knowledge

The Jill Smythies Award of £1000 to a botanical artist for outstanding illustrations

The Anne Sleep Awards of up to £3,000 to assist with biological research in the Middle and Far East.

The Irene Manton Prize £1000 to a PhD student for the best botany thesis in an academic year

Percy Sladen Memorial Fund Grants of up to £1500 supporting field work abroad in the earth and life sciences.

The Systematics Research Fund supports research in the field of systematics and taxonomy.

The Appleyard Fund of up to £2,000 supporting research projects in botany or zoology, by Fellows or Associates of the Society.

The Dennis Stanfield Memorial Fund Funding up to £2,000 supporting botanical research on tropical African plants.