Beyond School, 16+

Fellowships, Youth Panels, Workshops & Conferences! Now is the time to get involved with the Linnean Society

We have a number of opportunities available for people aged 16 and over, and loads of resources we would like to highlight


Did you know anyone can become a Fellow of the Linnean Society? The Society welcomes anyone interested in natural history - scientists, horticulturalists, artists and historians of natural history, both general enthusiasts and professionals. There are other memberships at Associate and Student level too.

We are about to launch a Youth Panel made up of young people aged 16-18. This Panel will be responsible for an annual grant pot of £5,000 to distribute to projects across the UK that seek to increase youth engagement with local natural spaces and encourage a deeper appreciation and understanding of nature.

The Society hosts regular workshops to boost your skills in a variety of aspects of natural history - field, art, engagement skills just being a few!

And finally, every year we run a Student Conference for those completing Masters or PhDs in a Natural History topic. You are warmly invited to be in the audience and participate in feedback.

Resources to dive into