Fabulous Fungi Resources

Join us to discover the hidden world of fungi

Coloured figures of English fungi or mushrooms by James Sowerby

We have worked with the Great Science Share for Schools to develop three learning resources about the fabulous world of fungi.

Check out the full set of activities and notes for teachers on the Great Science Share for Schools website.

There are separate activities for:

  • Key Stage 1 (age 5-7)
  • Key stage 2 (age 7-11)
  • Key stage 3 (age 11-14)

For Key Stage 3 and beyond (14+) we also have a lesson plan inspired by The Last of Us: learn about parasitic fungi, stop the spread of a fungal infection, and discuss the role of the media in raising awareness of scientific topics

The Fantastic Fungi of The Last of Us

Cordyceps Fact Sheet

Each enquiry provides teachers notes, teaching slides, a supporting video and links to resources guiding pupils to work scientifically and find out more about Carl Linnaeus.

Check out our Videos

Discover the wonderful world of British fungi in our series of videos and explore more with your class or at home using our activities and resources. In this series of videos you and your class will look at the difference between a plant and a mushroom. Discover the marvellous mushrooms of the UK and why they're important for us.

Uses of mushrooms:

2. How Mushrooms Grow

3. Identifying Mushrooms

4. Types of Mushroom

Find out more about Carl Linnaeus