Animated Videos

We currently have six different video series, packed full of stories told in different voices, tones and mediums.
You can take a look at the table below to have a think about which series you might be most interested in.

All of our videos are hosted on our YouTube channel - here.


Curious Cases of Carl Linnaeus7+Funny stories about Carl's journey of scientific exploration. Includes transcripts, worksheets and discussion points.
Stories with Sjupp7+Sjupp is a friendly storytelling raccoon who is here to tell short stories about the life of Carl Linnaeus.
Clever Collections11+Introducing the most important scientific artefacts owned by the Linnean Society, highlighting how these priceless possessions are still relevant today.
Biomedia Meltdowns11+Videos exploring the overlapping worlds of art and science, introducing historic and modern characters who worked across these imaginary boundaries
Life Underground16+From a secret vault below the streets of London, Life Underground tells strange and mysterious stories about Carl Linnaeus’ specimens.
Amazing Articles from our Journals16+This growing series features research taken from the Linnean Society of London three peer-reviewed scientific journals in biology, botany and zoology.