3rd June 2016: Medal Winners 2016

2016 Linnean Society Medal Winners Announced

Published on 3rd June 2016

On Tuesday 24th May 2016 Professor Paul Brakefield, President of the Linnean Society of London, presented a number of Medals and Prizes to celebrate the achievements of academics across the natural sciences. Below is a list of the medal and award winners.

Medal Winners 2016

Sandra Knapp received the Linnean Medal (Botany) to a biologist for service to science. The medal was presented at the Linnean Society Meeting at the Arnold Arboretum—Massachusetts, US— on Saturday 7th May 2016.

Sandy Knapp Linnean Medal 2016

Georgina Mace received the Linnean Medal (Zoology) to a biologist for service to science.

Georgina Mace Medal 2016

Pamela and Douglas Soltis received the Darwin-Wallace Medal to persons who have made major advances in evolutionary biology.

Pamela and Douglas Soltis Medal 2016

Anjali Goswami received the Bicentenary Medal to a biologist under the age of 40 years in recognition of excellent work.

Anjali Goswami Medal 2016

Imogen Sparkes received the Trail-Crisp Medal in recognition of an outstanding contribution to biological microscopy that has been published in the UK.

Imogen Sparkes Medal 2016

Christopher Williamson received the Irene Manton Prize to a PhD student for the best botany thesis in an academic year.

​Christopher Williamson Medal 2016

Thomas Halliday was awarded the John C Marsden Medal for the best doctoral thesis in biology.

Thomas Halliday Medal 2016

Howard Matcham received the H H Bloomer Award awarded to an amateur naturalist for an important contribution to biological knowledge.

Howard Matcham Medal 2016

Edgar Turner received the John Spedan Lewis Medal awarded to an individual who is making a significant and innovative contribution to conservation.

Edgar Turner Medal 2016

Anita Barley received the Jill Smythies Award of £1000 to a botanical artist for outstanding illustrations.

Anita Barley Medal 2016

The Linnean Society seeks to encourage excellence in the natural sciences by awarding a series of medals and prizes to scientists and artists for outstanding work in their fields. Nominations for 2017 are now open and will close on 30th November 2016. Click here to find out more about nominating and individual for a medal or award.