KS4 & Post-16: Who are you?

Why is it so important to keep old specimen collections like Linnaeus's? The Linnaean collections hold many type specimens (the first member of species to be scientifically described). Why do we keep type specimens and why are they critical to taxonomic study?

Making use of the Linnaean collection online, this worksheet focuses on Hymenoptera (including bees, wasps and ants) using type specimens. It looks at the importance of the hymenopterans, particularly the honey bee (Apis mellifera), both ecologically and economically, and studies their taxonomic rank. Through this worksheet, students will cover the topics of classification and taxonomy, will understand the importance of Linnaeus's contribution to science and will make and use identification keys.

Student Worksheet
Worksheet 03: Who are you?

Teachers' Notes
Teachers' Notes 03: Who are you?