Student Conference 2021

Participate in a celebration of research in natural history!

Linnean Society Student Conference 2021

1st October 2020 – Submissions open
1st December 2020 – Submissions close
20th December 2020 – Successful candidates are notified
4th February 2021 - Conference Day One: The Global Research Science
5th February 2021 - Conference Day Two: The Greatest Thesis

In this special virtual version of the Linnean Society Student Conference, we are bringing together sixth form, University and PhD students in a celebration of research in natural history, the study of nature.

Please read the section that is relevant to you below, and join us on the 4th and 5th February for a natural history extravaganza!

This isn't your average student conference...

Research Students, share your research!

We are looking for early-career, nature-based, researchers who want to share their research projects with a mixed audience of aspiring researchers, peers and professionals in a variety of fields! This is not a critique of your research, but rather an opportunity for you to share and inspire.

Selected participants will create and submit a video (between 4-7 minutes long) about their research. We place no restrictions on the content of this video - be as creative as you like! This will be shown on Conference Day 1, and you will have a chance to answer a few questions during a livestream after your video is shown.

Our Judging Panel will include a variety of people of different ages and backgrounds, so we're really looking for research communicated in a way that is accessible to all.

Applicants may also be invited to engage in a one-off mentoring session for sixth form and undergraduate students who entering our other part of the conference, where they submit novel thesis ideas.

How to apply

Eligibility: PhD students, or Masters doing research projects, from any University, worldwide
Applications open now, closing 1st December.

We are accepting applications via FlipGrid, a fun video-recording website and app.
To apply, visit and film a short informal video (up to 3 minutes) giving a brief overview of what your main video would be like. These videos will only be viewed by the two members of staff responsible for organising the conference.

After filming the video, we will send you a short survey to gather more information about you.

Researchers of the Future, enter the Greatest Thesis!

You are invited to take part in The Greatest Thesis on Conference Day Two! What questions do you have about natural world? We are looking for exciting, novel and well-considered ideas for research projects in the field of natural history.

Selected participants will be invited to engage in a mentoring experience with current PhD students to help develop their ideas further and talk about pathways into research.

Our Judging Panel will also be made up of PhD students who know how difficult it can be to create a good thesis idea.

How to apply

Eligibility: Young people aged 16-24, and undergraduate students of any age, worldwide.
Applications open now, closing 1st December.

If your idea is selected, you will partnered with a current PhD student for a short mentoring sessions where you can exchange ideas, discuss your concept more fully and talk about career pathways. You will then join a live-streamed video panel, where we will discuss the selected ideas in full and put it to an audience vote to crown the Greatest Thesis.

Just want to attend?

This Student Conference is open to everyone, but you must register first.
Applicants do not need to register.