The Linnean Society of London is the home of Carl Linnaeus in the UK. To learn more about him, his science and our collections, visit the 'Who was Linnaeus?' section.

Teachers, parents and students can click on the other categories to view our targeted education resources, linked to the National Curriculum. These are focused on four areas that are particularly relevant to the Linnean Society of London: Taxonomy, Classification, Whole Organism Biology and Biodiversity/Conservation.

Don't forget to look through sections other than that of your main Key Stage group - you may find other ideas and events that you are be able to adapt to your audience. Please contact us if there are materials that you would like to see added to our site - helpful revision information or tools for example, or possible project ideas.

Who was Linnaeus?

So just who was Carl Linnaeus? Find out who inspired Linnaeus to learn about the natural world and how he changed the way we see it. Learn about classification and why it is still important today.

Primary Resources

Discover a wide variety of resouces for teachers and parents, including posters, activity packs, fact sheets and information about our loan box scheme.

Secondary Resources

Download KS3 to post-16 worksheets and adorn classroom walls with our curriculum-based posters. Try out one of our practicals and let us know the results!

Student Events and Resources

Kids' Zone

Take a trip to the Kids' Zone and try activities like drawing a new species of flower, or name a fish and give your own scientific description. Learn why we need to know the names of all life on earth.

BioMedia Meltdown Competition

Lifelong Learning

Interested in taxonomy or identification? Try one of these courses, ranging from leisure courses for complete beginners to professional qualifications.

History of Science

The Linnean Society of London has always been a meeting point for the discussion of science, with many of our members being some of the most famous names in the study of natural history.

Art in Science

While art and science may seem to be opposed to each other, these two subjects have been closely linked for centuries. Find out how Linnaeus used images in the development of the science of taxonomy.


Unsure of its meaning? Use our glossary for short, clear descriptions of scientific terms.

Teacher CPD

Looking to build your confidence in teaching science? Try one of our short Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses.