Videos and Podcasts

Biodiversity Winners and Losers from Climate Warming | Prof Jane Hill | January 2020

Sir Julian Huxley Lecture 2018: Marine Biodiversity of the Southern Ocean | Dr Katrin Linse | November 2018

Biosphere 2: Lessons and Relevance to Global Ecological Challenges | Dr Mark Nelson and Sir Ghillean Prance | September 2018

What Hope for Corals in this International Year of the Reef? | Prof James Crabbe | January 2018

Modelling and Projecting Global Land-use Impacts on Local Terrestrial Biodiversity | Prof Andy Purvis | September 2017

Plan Bee: How can Society Respond to Pollinator Decline? | Dr Lynn Dicks | June 2017

Conservation on a Crowded Island | Dr Fiona Mathews | February 2017

Cultivated Plant Diversity and Biodiversity Legislation | Dr John David | September 2016

What’s happening to our hedgehogs? | Dr Pat Morris | March 2016

Plant Conservation: Now is the Time to Change our Minds | Timothy Walker | June 2015

Wildlife Disease and Biodiversity – What is the Impact? | Becki Lawson | September 2014

Shifting baselines: why we so readily accept the progressive decline of the natural world | Prof Callum Roberts