Carl Linnaeus started most of his shell collecting in 1731, after a visit to Stockholm. The Society’s collection today includes 588 ‘lots’ of specimens, representing around 550 molluscan species named by Linnaeus. It also contains many type specimens (the specimen upon which the description of a species is based).

Trochus perspectivus

Linnaean name:Trochus perspectivus

Current name: Architectonica perspectiva

Common name: Clear or perspective sundial shell

Type status: Lectotype

Conus nobilis

Linnaean name:Conus nobilis

Current name: Conus nobilis

Common name: Noble cone

Type status: Lectotype

Murex tribulus

Linnaean name:Murex tribulus

Current name: Murex tribulus

Common name: Caltrop murex

Type status: Lectotype

Buccinum perdix

Linnaean name:Buccinum perdix

Current name: Tonna perdix

Common name: Partridge tun

Type status: Paralectotype

Buccinum dolium

Linnaean name:Buccinum dolium

Current name:Tonna dolium

Common name: Spotted tun

Type status: Lectotype & Paralectotypes

Bulla volva

Linnaean name:Bulla volva

Current name:Volva volva

Common name: Elongated egg cowry

Type status: Lectotype

Buccinum rufum

Linnaean name:Buccinum rufum

Current name:Cypraecassis rufa

Common name: Bullmouth shell; red helmet shell; cameo shell

Type status: Lectotype

Trochus divaricatus

Linnaean name:Trochus divaricatus

Current name:Steromphala divaricata

Common name: Divaricate gibbula

Type status: Lectotype

Venus castrensis

Linnaean name:Venus castrensis

Current name:Lioconcha castrensis

Common name: Zigzag venus

Type status: Lectotype

Buccinum crenulatum

Linnaean name:Buccinum crenulatum

Current name:Oxymeris crenulata

Common name: Crenulate auger

Type status: Lectotype

Cypraea mappa

Linnaean name:Cypraea mappa

Current name:Leporicypraea mappa

Common name: Map cowry

Type status: Lectotype & Paralectotype

Cardium aculeatum

Linnaean name:Cardium aculeatum

Current name:Acanthocardia aculeata

Common name: Spiny cockle

Type status: Syntype(s) (possible)

Murex tritonis

Linnaean name:Murex tritonis

Current name:Charonia tritonis

Common name: Triton's trumpet; giant triton

Type status: Lectotype

Conus striatus

Linnaean name:Conus striatus

Current name:Conus striatus

Common name: Striated cone

Type status: Lectotype

Murex anus

Linnaean name:Murex anus

Current name:Distorsio anus

Common name: Common distorsio

Type status: Lectotype