Domestic Archives

This collection comprises records created by the Linnean Society in the course of its everyday activities. These records relate to all aspects of Society business, and include records concerning the foundation and ongoing work of the Society in terms of its policy and planning, and staff.


Documents relating to Fellows of the Society include Certificates of Recommendation for Fellowship, dating back to the Society’s beginnings. These contain valuable biographical and related information. A searchable database of Fellows currently contains records of Fellows elected up to the mid-nineteenth century. This contains biographical information as well as information about associated material. This database can be searched by Library staff upon request.

We may also hold portraits, letters or manuscripts of past Fellows, especially drafts of their papers read at the Society’s meetings. Obituaries or published articles from the Society’s publications may be provided.

Society Papers

We also hold many original copies of some of the papers presented at the scientific meetings of the Linnean Society. These papers are often accompanied by drawings and the referee’s report on the paper.

Other material

Other material in the domestic archive includes minute books of the Fellows, Council and Committees, financial records, records of the sale and transfer of specimens, attendance books, records of receipt of papers for publication, relations with other organisations, and celebrations of anniversaries of the Society.