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Download any of our posters for primary, secondary and beyond highlighting key figures and concepts in natural history.

Looking for something to liven up your classroom wall?

Linnean Learning has produced a unique range of posters for primary, secondary and beyond; highlighting key figures and concepts in natural history.

We offer copies of these posters for free to schools and education groups, feel free to download the posters below for use on screen.

PosterMade for...Description
Carl Linnaeus (A1)Upper PrimaryQuick facts about Linnaeus, the man who named nature
Charles Darwin (A1)Upper PrimaryQuick facts about Darwin and the evolution of an idea
Mary Anning (A1)Upper PrimaryQuick facts about Anning, the first fossil hunter
Biodiversity (A1)Secondary +Looks at: species, habitat, distribution, measuring biodiversity, biodiversity under threat
Classification (A1)Secondary +Looks at: kingdoms, domains, binomial nomenclature, taxonomy, phylogeny, keys
Conservation (A1)Secondary +Looks at: why we conserve, types of conservation, climate change, zoos, International Conservation Agreements
Evolution (A1)Secondary +Looks at: the definition and theory of evolution, variation (continuous and discontinuous), speciation, adaptation
What's a ladybird? (A3)Secondary +What do we mean when we say 'ladybird'? There are actually thousands of different species!
Naming Animals (A3)Secondary +Sometimes we have lots of common names for the same species, confusing! Luckily, there's only one scientific name for each species.
What made you interested in Taxonomy? (A4)Secondary +Twitter responses to the question, 'What made you interested in Taxonomy?'