AdoptLINN Levels of adoption

There are three levels of adoption.  Each adoption fee reflects the conservation needs of the item as well as its importance and rarity. Typical repairs needed for books include hinge and spine repair, re-backing, re-sewing and page repairs. If a particular item in our collections means a lot to you, please get in touch, we are very happy to discuss individual adoption options.

AdoptLINN Essential

For £150 you can adopt one general library book or item. Benefits include:

  • Your name will be permanently associated with the book you are adopting on the Online Library Catalogue.
  • You will receive a certificate with details of your item.
  • Your donation will be acknowledged on our website and proceedings.

AdoptLINN Highlight

For £800 you can adopt a special work of Natural History needing more in-depth conservation. Benefits include:

  • As AdoptLINN Essential.
  • An exclusive Treasures Tour for you and up to four guests.

AdoptLINN Treasures

For £1,500 you can adopt an outstanding work of Natural History in need of conservation work. Benefits include:

  • As AdoptLinn Highlight.
  • A conservation demonstration by our Conservator for you and up to four guests.
  • Once conserved, your item will be displayed with an acknowledgement of your contribution.

Why not become a Linnean Conservation Champion?

By contributing at least £500 per year for a minimum of 5 years you can formally adopt one Treasures book, and you will also be invited to special tours and events, and receive special collections news and updates. You will also be invited to co-curate an exhibition of some of our treasures! 

Please get in touch to find out more.

Any data supplied by you is used by the Linnean Society for the aforementioned purposes and will not undergo any secondary processing. If you do not wish your name to appear in the public domain (online Library Catalogue, website, and Linnean Society publications), please notify Collections staff in writing.