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Gouan before conservation

GOUAN, Antoine. Flora Monspeliaca. Lyon: Sumptibus Benedicti Duplain, 1765.

Antoine Gouan (1733-1821) was a French naturalist who was the first to adopt Carl Linnaeus's binomial nomenclature in France, and the first to publish a flora according to Linnaean taxonomy. Gouan was native of Montpellier, and published this Flora of Montpellier in 1765. The spine and covers need repair; the text block needs to be cleaned; and a protective wrapper will be made to keep the work safe.

Vandelli before conservation

VANDELLI, Domenico. Tractatus de Thermis Agri Patavini. Padua: Ex Typographia Conzatti, 1761.

Domenico Vandelli (1735–1816) was an Italian naturalist, who studied in Padua and did most of his scientific work in Portugal. One of his major works was the Tractatus de thermis agri patavini in 1761. The spine and covers need repair; the text block needs to be cleaned; and a protective wrapper will be made to keep the work safe.

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Sargent and Barton American Antiquities

LOCKYER, Charles. An Account of the Trade in India ... to Which is Added, an Account of the Management of the Dutch in Their Affairs in India. London: the Author, 1711.

This book is part of the Society's Insch Tea Library. Its boards are detached; its spine is split; the sewing is loose; and the pages are lightly soiled. The sewing structure will be repaired; the spine rebuilt; the boards reattached and the text block will be cleaned.

AdoptLINN Treasures (from £800)

Stackhouse before conservation

STACKHOUSE, John. Nereis Britannica; Continens Species Omnes Fucorum in Insulis Britannicis Crescentium... Bath: [privately], 1795-1801.

John Stackhouse (1742-1819) was an English botanist, primarily interested in Spermatophytes, algae and mycology. The Nereis Britannica, which was issued in parts, deals mainly with the seawracks or fuci, and was based on his own research, together with those of friends and the herbaria of Dillenius, Bobart, and Linnaeus. The copy was water damaged.

Aldrovandi before conservation, spine
Aldrovandi before conservation, title page

ALDROVANDI, Ulisse. Quadrupedum Omnium Bisulcorum Historia.... Bononiae: Sebastianum Bonhommium, 1621.

Interesting and beautifully illustrated early work on quadrupeds, including an early depiction of a giraffe. From the library of James Edward Smith. Several pages are torn, a board is detached and the binding needs to be repaired, with a new spine. A box will need to be made to keep the item safe.

Lambert bust

LUCAS, Richard Cockle, Small scale plaster portrait bust of Almyer Bourke Lambert (1761-1842), 1834

A keen field botanist, Lambert was one of the Founders of The Linnean Society of London in 1788. He formed a herbarium of British and Irish plants, and was elected a fellow of the Royal Society in 1791. He also become a member of the Society of Antiquaries. It is the only known portrait bust of Lambert, which was exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts in 1834.

As the portrait bust has suffered extensive damage, a conservator will be employed to rebuild the lost nose, dowel the pedestal and bust together, and clean the surface. A protective casing will be purchased to protect the bust not only from future damage, but to keep it clean.