Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


All rooms hired must be left as they were found and any equipment used is to be treated with respect and care. Users are responsible for any damage to the Society’s premises, furniture or fittings.

Furniture and equipment in any of the Society’s rooms may only be moved after consultation with the Society’s staff. Should you have any special requirements please contact us prior to confirming your booking.

Please note that there is no access to our rooms before 9.30am or after 5pm (unless arranged when making the booking).

Smoking is not allowed on the premises.

As a charity we cannot offer facilities to organisations such as political parties and pressure groups.

Audio visual apparatus is provided upon request but visiting organisations are expected to run these themselves. Please remember that when you hire our rooms you do not hire our telephones, fax machines or photocopiers - or our staff, although staff will be present for emergencies, for security purposes and to assist with equipment.

Provisional bookings, made by telephone or email must be followed by confirmation from the Linnean Society.

Catering requirements should be requested at the time of booking with numbers confirmed no later than 7 days prior to the booking. No private caterers or deliveries are permitted. We are able to supply vegetarian lunches but are unable to meet any other special dietary requests. Please note that no refreshments are to be taken into the Meeting Room.

Room hire cancellation charges:

4 weeks notice of cancellation - no charge.

1-3 weeks notice of cancellation - 20% of room hire charge.

1 week notice (7 Working Days) of cancellation - 100% of room hire charge.

A charge of £150 will be made on any bookings which overrun their specified times.

We have disabled access to our Council Room, Library, Meeting Room & Publications Room.

Security and Health & Safety

Security in the middle of London is always worrisome and we ask you to help us prevent theft, vandalism and security incidents by being vigilant. The Society cannot be held responsible for personal effects in the Society’s rooms, so please do not leave personal belongings unattended. In light of recent security events please report any suspicious items to a member of staff immediately.

When setting up equipment all room users must pay due care and attention to any potential trip hazards, e.g. trailing wires from laptops or projectors, to reduce the potential of accidents occurring.

Fire and emergency evacuation

In the event of a fire it is important to familiarise yourself with the following evacuation procedures:

There are red fire warning boxes throughout the building. On discovering a fire the glass should be broken to activate the fire alarm system and summon the fire brigade. There are fire alarms on all floors and these will sound to indicate the outbreak of fire.

Smoke sensors are also located throughout the building and will set off the alarms automatically.

Fire extinguishers are to be found on all floors for use in tackling fires. Only tackle fires if you consider it safe to do so, and your personal safety is not at risk. Please follow the instructions for how to use fire extinguishers on the canister.

Location of fire exits:

  • Basement – Bottom of the stairs, doors on the left next to the ladies toilet.
  • Ground floor – Front door.
  • Library – Down main stairs to the front door.
  • Council Room and Committee Room - Down main stairs to the front door.
  • Tower Room – Evacuate room through either side and follow the signs.

Assembly point:

All staff and visitors must exit the building at once when the alarm sounds. Do not waste time assembling personal belongings. Turn right out of the front door and right again into Piccadilly. Walk along Piccadilly and assemble at the end of Burlington House just before the Burlington Arcade.

All groups hiring rooms at the Linnean Society are responsible for the safety of individuals in their groups. In the event of an evacuation all groups will be expected to account for all individuals within their group and must conduct their own head counts when reporting to the fire brigade. The Linnean Society of London will not be held responsible for the personal safety of groups or individuals hiring our premises.