Student Associateship Application

Advantages, Eligibility and Application

  • Benefits include professional networking by accessing the online Fellows Platform of the website and receiving The Linnean and PuLSe.
  • Student Associates must be in full- or part-time education and be aged at least 18 years old, there is no upper age limit.
  • Please supply proof of being registered as a student at a College, University, or other tertiary institution, such as a scan of your student card.
  • To become a Student Associate please complete the Application Form below and make a payment of £10.
  • If and when you desire to become a Fellow of the Linnean Society, with its associated benefits, you will need to notify the Membership Department, so that your name can be put forward for election.

e.g. Amphibians, Animal behaviour, Arboriculture, Bats, Bioarchaeology, Biodiversity, Biogeography, Biometry & Statistics, Biotechnology, Birds, Bird watching, Botanical art, Conservation, Education and outreach, Environmental science, Ethnobotany, Evolutionary biology, Ferns, Fish, Forestry, Fungi, Fossils/Palaeontology, Freshwater ecology, Gardening, History of natural history, Infectious diseases, Insects, Invertebrates, Lichens, Mammals, Medicinal plants, Microscopy, Oceanography, Parasites, Pollen, Reptiles, Seaweeds, Taxonomy & Systematics, Wild flowers, Climate change

For more information, please contact The Linnean Membership Department by emailing: