Sea monsters and Systema Naturae - a digital adventure

We partnered with STEM Live for an innovative and engaging digital journey through the history of classification - and why it matters today

Published on 24th November 2023

Ayesha and Sally-Ann talking about classification

We were thrilled to welcome over 5,000 viewers and schools through the doors of our historic building through our educational partnership with STEM live.

Streamed into homes and classrooms around the country, this live digital event showed young people around the building and into our vault where the treasures of our Collection are held. Children could also put their classification skills to the test by creating their very own sea monsters. Through this hands-on experience, the workshop aimed to stimulate curiosity and critical thinking, fostering a deeper appreciation for the natural world and the mechanisms by which we comprehend and organize it.

The session was presented by Linnean Society Fellow Sally-Ann Spence. She interviewed our Education Manager Ayesha Meredith-Lewis about classification of plants and animals and how you can apply this to the natural world closer to home. She also spoke to our Head of Collections Isabelle Charmantier about the history of Linnaean classification, shown through the books and specimens in our Collection.

Education Manager Ayesha Meredith-Lewis said: "We were overwhelmed by the positive response from students, who asked some fantastic questions about Linnaeus and classification. Thank you and well done to all of those who eagerly participated in the workshop!

"We're also really grateful to Sally-Ann and the fantastic production team at STEM Live, who helped us to bring our iconic home at Burlington House and its rich scientific heritage to schools across the country. The impact of this collaboration goes beyond simply imparting knowledge; it served as a testament to the power of technology in delivering educational experiences that transcend physical barriers."

You can still watch the session on the STEM Live catch up channel.

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