Professor Julia Day to lead 'Evolutionary Journal'

Published on 23rd January 2023

We are delighted to announce that Professor Julia Day has taken up the role of Editor-in-Chief of the Evolutionary Journal of the Linnean Society.

Julia takes the reins of the journal as its current editor, Dr Steven Dodsworth, prepares to take over Editorship of the Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society later this year.

Professor Julia Day

Professor Julia Day

The Evolutionary Journal of the Linnean Society publishes open-access original papers on all aspects of the evolutionary biology of diverse organisms and ecological systems.

Julia is an evolutionary biologist with interests in the generation and maintenance of biodiversity over different spatial and temporal scales. After training as a vertebrate palaeontologist, she switched fields to work on the diversification and systematics of extant vertebrates, with a special interest in African freshwater fishes, though she has also studied other vertebrate groups. Julia is also activity engaged in environmental DNA research for biodiversity monitoring, with a particular focus on the impacts of land-use change on the species-rich fauna of the African rift lakes, and other freshwater systems from around the world.

As a recently-launched title, Julia will be developing the remit of the Evolutionary Journal, alongside working on innovative ways to highlight new opportunities to publish to the global evolutionary biologist community. She has extensive experience of the publishing world as a NERC peer-review college member and an associate editor of the journal Evolution and teaches several foundational courses in biological sciences degree programmes at UCL. Equally, Julia brings experience as an author, having published over 50 papers in a wide variety of scientific journals.

Having been on the Linnean Society Council, Julia stepped down as a member of Council on 19 January 2022 in order to take up this role. We have hugely appreciated Julia’s work on the Council, and are looking forward to working with her in this new capacity.