Burlington House: Our Home Since 1856

Video: Learn about the Linnean Society's origin story in this mid-19th century building and explore some of its hidden spaces

Published on 3rd September 2021

At the Linnean Society of London, our unique natural history collections are full of treasures – but perhaps our biggest treasure is the building we call our home. Originally in the hands of the Cavendish family, Burlington House on London’s Piccadilly has been the location of the Linnean Society since 1856, and both the external and internal details of the building reflect the Society’s long history in the study of nature.

Our incredible library and collections are cared for within these walls, and are studied by people all around the world, across disciplines. Burlington House has also hosted, and continues to host, events where scientists, historians, artists and the public can learn about the most pressing nature-based topics of the day. It is our base from where we connect with students, schools and families about the natural world. This video gives a glimpse into how Burlington House became an integral part of the Society’s work, growth and continuing story.