The Discover More series

The Discover More series is a collection of animations, blogs and interviews exploring a wide variety of topics to enrich your appreciation of the wonderful natural world that we are a part of.

Published on 4th May 2021

The Discover More Series

We are excited to start sharing the animations, blogs and interviews that make up the Discover More series which has been made by our education team, aiming to enrich your appreciation of the wonderful natural world that we are a part of. We hope that this series has content for everyone, but we're particularly hoping it stretches young people and provides points of interest for educators.

There are seven topics which will be released throughout 2021 and the animations are best viewed via Instagram @LinneanLearning, though we will be posting overview blogs here on our website, on Twitter and also (nervously) onto TikTok.


Our line up of topics is as follows:

  • Viruses - May (click here)
  • Plant intelligence - June (click here)
  • Domestication - July (click here)
  • Conservationists - September
  • Symbiosis - October
  • Fungi - November
  • Plastics - December

For each topic, we have produced between five and eight different animations which beautifully illustrate a piece of information or research.

These are followed up by a discussion with an expert in the field. We are very pleased to have spoken with Marilyn Roossinck, Monica Gagliano, Maria Chacon, Norina Vicente, Kleber Del Claro, Kevin Solomon and Alex McGoran. These discussions will be watchable on our social media platforms and transcribed into a blog piece each month.

Please join us as we discover more about nature together. #DiscoverMore

Blog written by Joe Burton