Winners announced for the New Portrait competition from the Linnean Society!

Four winners of the Linnean Society’s unique art competition were announced earlier this month.

Published on 8th September 2020


Four winners of the Linnean Society’s unique art competition were announced earlier this month.
The winners are Emily, 7, from Edinburgh; Imogen, 11, from Cambridge; Carys, 12, from Winchester (MA, USA), and Saanvi, 14 from Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh, India).

Young people were invited to create a portrait of a raccoon which was owned by the famous scientist Carl Linnaeus. who gave scientific names to hundreds of species, including Homo sapiens.

The Linnean Society is a natural history organisation that houses an impressive collection of books, specimens, artworks and letters, and also holds public events about nature and biology. It was at an event at the Linnean Society where Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection was first announced.

200 young people from across the UK entered the competition, as well as 8% from other countries including the India, Saudi Arabia, Canada and the USA.

We launched this special edition of the New Portrait competition and were amazed by the wonderful portraits of Linnaeus’ pet raccoon called Sjupp. The winning portraits are all very different and marvellous, showing great skill and effort.

Joe Burton, the Education Manager at the Society

The winning portraits will be resized and displayed at the Linnean Society in London towards the end of the year, and the winners and their families or schools will be given a virtual tour.

The Linnean Society encourages young people to discover and share their curiosity in nature, and supports teachers through free resources, educational videos, loanable kits and training events. The Society also run an art-science competition called Biomedia Meltdown in secondary schools and community venues across London.

You can find more about Linnean Learning, or see some of the runners up of the competition, by clicking the tiles below.

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