he Museum of Lost Species debuts at Green Man

Published on 24th August 2018

Linnean Learning recently took a trip out to the Green Man Festival in Wales to exhibit The Museum of Lost Species for the first time. The Learning team have spent weeks developing ‘the Museum’ and were eager to share it with the festival-goers at Green Man.


The main exhibit was a fictional Museum that is home to all extinct species. The Museum currently is experiencing a period of profound growth – scientists predict we are seeing extinction at around 1000 times the natural rate. The Museum was posed as an evil organisation that is quite happy to see more species becoming extinct with the creepy curators inside offering advice on how people could increase biodiversity loss.


Outside the Museum, you may have spotted some campaigners that wanted the Museum to be as small as possible. They were campaigning to Close the Museum. They asked visitors to write down their thoughts on how the Museum made them feel, and what they will do to prevent further biodiversity loss.

Museum made you feel

The team wanted to create an out-of-the-ordinary exhibit that highlights how we, as humans, have the power to cause detrimental effects to our planet and the millions of species that live within it. However the team also wanted to highlight positive ways that we can protect the Earth's vibrant biodiversity. Through our creepy curators and opposing team of campaigners, the exhibit allowed visitors to explore their own role in biodiversity loss and think about what they can do in the future.

close the museum

By the end of the festival, the campaigners and the festival-goers managed to close the Museum, but we are sure the Museum will re-open again soon…

You can head over to our web page (www.linnean.org/themuseum) to find out more about the Museum and learn about how we can all act to stem the flow of biodiversity loss.

Joe Burton, Education and Public Engagement Manager