Linnean Learning Podcast Channel Launch

Published on 20th April 2018

Today we are launching our Linnean Learning podcast channel!

linnean learning video series
The Curious Case of Carl Linnaeus © The Linnean Society of London

Back in November 2017, we identified the need to diversify the multimedia channels that we use and thought that audio podcasts were one way of achieving this aim. The Linnean Learning podcast channel is part of a wider digital educational resource strategy that began in late 2016 with the development of our first educational video series: Life Underground, Clever Collections and The Curious Cases of Carl Linnaeus. The stories, specimens and objects, shared in these 13 videos, are entirely unique to us. With the Linnean Learning podcast channel we aim to attract an additional audience to our already established Linnean Society YouTube channel audience.

Women in Science event speakers
Speakers from the 230th Anniversary of the Linnean Society: A Celebration of our First Female Fellows event © The Linnean Society of London

Our first Linnean Learning podcast, published today, is a summary of a Society event held last month titled “230th Anniversary of the Linnean Society: A Celebration of our First Female Fellows”. With this podcast, listeners will be able to learn about the hot topics currently being debated, such as imposter syndrome and the work/life balance of women in the field of science. The speakers include established scientists such as the Society’s president-elect Dr Sandy Knapp and Professor Athene Donald FRS.

ross interviewing
Ross Ziegelmeier interviewing Mark Watson FLS © The Linnean Society of London

The forthcoming podcasts that everyone can look forward to hearing include: stories from our archives, such as Lady Pleasance Smith’s rise to fame and authority; teasers such as, Jack Ashby FLS talking about Linnaeus’s specimens in preparation for his lecture, “Animal Kingdom: A Natural History in 100 Objects.”; exciting new ideas in the field of biology, such as the assisted evolution of coral; and mind bending narratives such as, “The Space Potato” or “Swarms: The Origins of Consciousness”.

We created these podcasts through recorded conversations with researchers such as, botanists from The Linnean Society of London and Kew Gardens; professionals such as Zack Rago from the Netflix award winning documentary Chasing Corals and well known “curious minds” such as Vice’s Abdullah Saeed.

So make sure you subscribe to our channel on SoundCloud and check in with us every two weeks to catch another great story!


By Ross Ziegelmeier, Education Project Officer