6th June 2016: Systematics Research Fund (SRF) Results of 2015/16 round

Published on 6th June 2016

The SRF received a total of 149 eligible applications for the 2015/16 round. Thirty one of the applications were funded at a total cost of £31,910.

List of successful applicants for the 2015/16 SRF round

Name (Country)

Project title

Camilla Alves Souto (USA)

Phylogeny and biogeography of the echinolampadid echinoids (Echinodermata)

Rani Asmarayani (USA)

Revision of Piper section Muldera (Piperaceae)

Charles Baillie (UK)

Parallel adaptive radiations of cymothoid Isopods and their fish hosts

Marzia Breda (Italy)

Morphological distinction of the giant deer Megaloceros savini from Vallparadís Section (Spain)

Thom Dallimore (UK)

Using molecular phylogeography to determine systematic relationships among cryptic collembola species

Kyle Dexter (UK)

An exceptional case of diversification in desert environments, Petalidium in the Namib

Serena Dool (Germany)

Systematics of the Vespertilionini tribe of bats – implications for evolution of migration

Gabriel Ferreira (Brazil)

On the homology of the dermal scales of the turtle skull

Javier Francisco-Ortega (USA)

Systematics of the Caribbean island endemic genus Bonania (Euphorbiaceae)

Annelise Frazão (Brazil)

Using Neotropical Trumpet Flowers to unveil mechanisms behind biogeographic and morphological evolution

Melinda Greenfield (Australia)

Interactions between ants, fungi and the ant-plant Myrmecodia beccarii

Gustavo Heiden (Brazil)

Taxonomy of Baccharis (Asteraceae): revision of Coridifolia, Heterothalamus and Oblongifolia clades

Daniel Huston (Australia)

Taxonomic confusion and cryptic speciation among Great Barrier Reef gorgocephalid trematodes

Sang Il Kim (USA)

Phylogeny of Prioninae may explain an “inordinate apathy” for old beetle lineages

Paschalia Kapli (Germany)

Evolutionary history of the desert lizard Mesalina watsonana in the Iranian Plateau

Jenö Kontschán (Cuba)

Biodiversity studies on the South-East Asian Uropdina (Acari)

Christoph Liedtke (Spain)

Tree Hole Royalty– Systematics and Life History of East African Dwarf Toads

Farideh Moharrek (Iran)

Evolutionary history of the Plumbaginaceae and its systematic implications

Matteo Montagna (Italy)

Taxonomic description of phosphatized insect fossils from a Middle Triassic site

Geoff Oxford (UK)

Hybridisation and the enigmatic taxonomy of the Tegenaria atrica group (Araneae: Agelenidae).

Sujal Phadke (USA)

Resolving phylogeny of Allomyces to understand evolution of anisogamy in chytrid fungi

Cristina Roquet (France)

Evolution of orophytic plants:Saxifraga Sect. Saxifraga(Saxifragaceae) as a model system

Maria Paula Rozo Gomez (Brazil)

Comparative phylogeography of aquatic insects to investigate the evolutionary history of the Amazon Basin biota

Bernardo Santos (USA)

Cryptine wasps from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest: phylogeny and systematic revision

Orlando Schwery (USA)

Unveiling the factors behind diversification and biogeography of dung beetles (Scarabaeinae)

Nina Serén (USA)

The role of adaptation in Lesser Egyptian jerboa speciation

Omar Torres-Carvajal (Ecuador)

Evolutionary history of Neotropical false chameleons

Andrea Waeschenbach (UK)

Molecular systematics of Great Barrier Reef bryozoans

Renate Wesselingh (Belgium)

Flower power: using 3D geometric morphometrics of flowers in Rhinanthus systematics

Steven Worthington (USA)

Endocranial insights into Chimpanzee Subspecies Taxonomy

Eugenia Zarza (USA)

Phylogenomics of the sub-family Iguaninae