27th November 2014: New members of Council

Published on 27th November 2014

New Members of Council

The Council consists of 20 elected Fellows, including the Officers, and Council Members constitute the Trustees of the Charity. Council meets four times annually, usually the week after the Officers’ meeting, to consider and ratify the recommendations made by Officers. At least five members of Council retire annually. Elections for Council (and Officers) are held annually at the Anniversary meeting in May. Our current Council is listed here.

The Linnean Society of London is looking for 5 new members of council. To nominate a new member of council please email the Executive Secretary, Elizabeth Rollinson Elizabeth@linnean.org with the following information...

  • Name and contact details of the candidate for nomination.
  • One paragraph explaining why this candidate would be a suitable member of Council.
  • The name and contact details of 1 other Fellow who will second the nomination of the candidate.

Please note only Fellows can nominate or be nominated for Council.