March 2013: The Etymology of Entomology

Published on 4th March 2013

The Etymology of Entomology

Dr George McGavin

On Wednesday 13th February Dr George McGavin FLS and Dr Mike Fitton FLS, came to the Linnean Society of London strong room to record the BBC Radio Four documentary 'The Etymology of Entomology'. In the documentary George pieces together the history of naming the planet’s insect’s starting with Linnaeus’ original collection at the Linnean Society and moving on to literary figures, celebrities and politicians.

The documentary will play on BBC Radio Four on Saturday 9th March and has been chosen as Radio 4's Documentary of the Week and is in the top five documentaries of the week in the Radio Times. To listen to the documentary or to mind out more please visit the BBC Radio 4 website

strong room to record the BBC Radio
strong room to record the BBC Radio