November 2012: Linnaeus Link Union Catalogue

Published on 5th November 2012

The launch of the new Linnaeus Link Union Catalogue

The works of Carl Linnaeus and his legacy at your fingertips

bibliographic research

Linnaeus Link is an international collaboration between libraries all over the world with significant holdings of Linnaean material. A good proportion of these holdings are great treasures: first, rare or special editions of Linnaeus’ own works.

The aim of Linnaeus Link is to ensure that such treasures can be identified, located, and compared with other copies elsewhere in the world. Researchers can search across institutions world-wide in one search, access detailed records, and conduct bibliographic research from their PCs or mobile devices. It is also a great promotional tool for the Partners’ collections and institutions.

The new system has just been launched, and features much improved navigation, search and display functions. An outstanding aspect is its ability to cope with a wide range of international cataloguing systems and special characters, in line with the project's international outlook.

It is also a powerful tool for bibliographic research: the system uses a unique Tab display to unveil the full bibliographic information provided by Partners. This is crucial for copy-specific details and provenance research. Digital copies feature very prominently in the new system, and can often be directly accessed.

National Botanic Garden of Belgium

The new system was officially launched on the 11th of October at the 2012 Partners' Meeting at the National Botanic Garden of Belgium. The launch was also an occasion for the Linnean Society to receive the thanks of the Partners for the funding, management and strong commitment to this important international project.

Click here to discover the new Linnaeus Link website.

Elaine Charwat, Deputy Librarian & Linnaeus Link Administrator