August 2012: Wallace 2013

Published on 6th August 2012

2013: A celebration of Wallace’s achievements

Alfred Russel Wallace

2013 is the centenary year of Alfred Russel Wallace’s death. This pioneering scientist, who co-discovered the process of evolution with Charles Darwin, will be celebrated through nation-wide events and campaigns to highlight his fantastic scientific legacy. 
Throughout 2013 the Linnean Society will be involved in several events to celebrate this great scientist. We are also working on conserving and digitising 10 manuscript notebooks of Alfred Russel Wallace in order to make them more available to researchers and the wider public. Before digitisation, each notebook is being carefully repaired and rebound.

As part of the celebrations, the Natural History Museum, London, have launched a Wallace100 website and a campaign for a Wallace statue. This campaign has been kicked-started with a very generous donation from Dr Alan Smith CBE, FRS but the campaign will need help from everyone in order to commission a statue worthy of Wallace’s achievements.

As further details of our events and our conservation projects become available, we will highlight them on our website.