Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

A world where nature is understood, valued and protected.

Our Mission

The Linnean Society aims to inform, involve and inspire people about nature and its significance through our collections, programmes and publications. Through the expertise of our wide Fellowship and the heritage of our unique collections, we are a hub for the communication of science through interdisciplinary learning and engagement. The Society encourages the debate and discussion of natural history including taxonomy, evolutionary biology and ecology, alongside their application to conservation. We aspire to inspire by bringing together diverse communities and engaging with scientists, historians, artists and all those interested in nature.

Our Values

  1. We are a diverse community of people united by an active interest in nature, its management and conservation.
  2. We aim for excellence and integrity in all areas of our activity.
  3. We use our income and other finances to fulfil our charitable function and declared mission.
  4. We promote our science to all sectors of society.
  5. We value diversity and seek to broaden the inclusion of groups currently under-represented in natural history.
  6. We are an expert voice concerning relevant major issues and challenges of our time.


The Things We Do

We work to achieve our mission and our charitable objectives through:

Preserving and Promoting Heritage

  1. Recognise the international, scientific, cultural and historical importance of our unique collections of specimens, manuscripts, books and illustrations.
  2. Make them accessible to researchers, educators, and all those interested in natural history.
  3. Ensure their preservation for future generations.

Promoting Scientific Excellence

  1. Develop and enhance the standing of our international science journals as a platform for research and investigation.
  2. Provide support, encouragement and recognition through our grants and prestigious awards.
  3. Provide relevant expertise and networks to support the formulation of policies relating to the current and future challenges facing the natural world.

Communicating the Disciplines of Natural History

  1. Support, expand and diversify our reach and membership.
  2. Promote and support inclusion of underrepresented groups in natural history science
  3. Inspire our audience to engage with natural history through our scientific, creative and learning programmes and projects.
  4. Collaborate with other Societies and institutions globally that share a common purpose.