Synopses Series

'Synopses of the British Fauna' publications are a series of concise, systematic works on selected groups of animals designed for use as field guides.

Synopses of the British Fauna publications

These illustrated field and laboratory pocket-size books meet both the needs of amateur and professional naturalists. Each volume presents a more detailed account of a group of animals than can be found in most field guides, and bridge the gap between the popular guide and more specialist monographs and treatises.

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The Synopsis series is also available from the Field Studies Council

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03 (2Ed) Intertidal Marine Isopods
Ernest Naylor and Angelika Brandt 2015

04 (3Ed) Harvestmen
Paul D. Hiilyard 2005

05 (2Ed) Sea-Spiders (Pycnogonida) of the north-east Atlantic
Roger N. Bamber 2010

08 (2Ed) Molluscs: Benthic Opisthobranchs (Mollusca: Gastropoda)
T. E. Thompson 1988

12 British Sipunculans (revised)
P. E. Gibbs 2001

13 British and Other Phoronids
C.C. Emig

24 (2Ed) Nemerteans
R. Gibson

25 (2Ed) Shallow-water Crabs
R.W.Ingle 1996

29 Siphonophores and Velellids
P. A. Kirkpatrick and P. R. Pugh 1984

30 Euphausiid Stomatopod and Leptostracan Crustaceans
J. Mauchline 1984

31 (2Ed) Earthworms
R. W. Sims and B. M. Gerard 2009

32 Polychaetes: British Amphinomida Spintherida and Eunicida
J.D. George and G. Hartman-Schroder 1985

33 Ctenostome Bryozoans
P.J. Hayward 1985

36 Halacarid Mites
J. Green and Miranda Macquitty 1987

38 Free Living Marine Nematodes Part II: British Chromadorids
H. M. Platt and R. M. Warwick 1988

39 Chaetognatha
A. C. Pierrot-Bults and K. C. Chidgey

40 Pseudoscorpions
G. Legg and R. E. Jones 1988

41 Entoprocts
C. Nielsen 1989

44 (2Ed) Polychaetes: Interstitial Families
W. Westheide 2008

46 (2Ed) Commensal and Parasitic Copepods associated with Marine Invertebrates
V. Gotto 2004

47 Copepods Parasitic on Fishes (revised)
Z. Kabata 2003

48 Marine Planktonic Ostracods
M. V. Angel 1993

49 Woodlice
P. G. Oliver and C. J. Meechan 1993

50 Thecate Hydroids and their Medusae (Part 1)
P. F. S. Cornelius 1995

55 Lobsters, Mud Shrimps and Anomuran Crabs
R. W. Ingle and M. E. Christiansen 2004

58 Centipedes
A. D. Barber 2009

59 North-West European Athecate Hydroids and their Medusae
Peter Schuchert 2012