Order Out of Chaos

Order out of Chaos book cover

Winner of the IAPT's Stafleu Medal 2007, the CBHL Annual Literature Award 2008 (Technical Category), and the SHNH's John Thackray Medal 2009

Order Out of Chaos, a co-publication between the Linnean Society of London and London's Natural History Museum, brings together for the first time information on the typification of all of Linnaeus' plant names. Since 1981, hundreds of botanists around the globe have been studying names, specimens and illustrations in order to allow type specimens to be designated so that Linnaeus' names can be applied clearly and consistently worldwide.

The book provides a comprehensive catalogue listing each Linnean name (and will include many new typifications) stating:

  • place and date of publication
  • type specimen, typifier and place of typification
  • current name and explanatory notes, including reference to relevant literature

The book also contains detailed accounts both of Linnaeus' publications and those of other botanists that contributed to his understanding of plants. Significant plant collectors are enumerated, with examples listed of important specimens known in Linnaeus' and other herbaria.

Illustrated in both colour and monochrome, the publication marked the tercentenary of Linnaeus' birth.

This is a great synthesis of scholarship and critical evaluation of the work of others. A great achievement.

Professor David Mabberley

This magnificent volume gives a scholarly review of all Linnaean plant names and exhaustive information about Linnaeus' colleagues and predecessors, literature and collections in the field of botany.

Professor Bengt Jonsell