Become a Mentor

We are inviting our women Fellows, Associates and student members to support young people in gaining insight into fulfilling STEM careers through a new mentorship scheme with Stemettes.

Key info about the mentoring scheme:

  • This is an opportunity for our women Fellows, Associates and student members.
  • Be matched with a 15-25 year old who will benefit from your expertise and experiences.
  • Commit to four months of fortnightly structured video-calls, with a total time commitment of 8 hours + training, from July to October.
  • Deadline to apply, 16th May.
  • Questions? Email
  • We held an information session which you can watch here.
Chipmunk holding a nut

Eastern chipmunk (Tamias striatus), illustrated in Catesby, Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands (1831-1743).

We are collaborating with Stemettes to build successful and fulfilling STEM careers for young women by pairing them with our women Fellows, Associates and student members.

Stemettes has a great history of making a difference to young people in the UK, find out more about them here.

This programme is all about encouragement of young women and is the first mentoring scheme that the Linnean Society has trialled. We hope that this small cohort (20) of mentors and mentees will give us the know-how to expand the programme in the future.

The number of women working in the Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (known as STEM) fields is unacceptably low. By giving young people personal, relatable and real role models as career mentors, we hope to make a difference.

What does this mentoring scheme look like?

Stemettes have been running mentoring schemes for years and we feel that their format is accessible for mentors and impactful for mentees - the perfect combination! Here are the stages of this mentoring scheme:

  1. Complete our application form (opening Tuesday 4th May, deadline 16th May).
  2. If selected*, you'll be invited to join an 'Onboarding Meeting' with Stemettes.
  3. We will run a DBS Check & provide mentorship training.
  4. An online matching event with keen 15-25 year olds.
  5. Launch event to start the programme.
  6. Fortnightly video-calls with your mentor over 4 months (8 calls in total).

There will be a half-way meeting and a celebration event at the end of the programme, and you will be invited to join a network of like-minded women in STEM.

*We have capacity for up to 20 mentors at this stage so applying does not guarantee that you will be paired with a mentee.


At this stage we are only looking for women who are Fellows, Associates or Student Members of the Linnean Society. We recognise the value that all of our Fellows, Associates and student members, as well as non-members, could bring as mentors and will be exploring options for expansion after this trial.

Please read through the questions below and see if this is the right opportunity for you.

Your Experience Can you offer a personal, relatable and relaxed mentoring experience for a young woman with interests in a STEM career? Please do not underestimate your mentoring value!
Time Commitment Can you commit to four months of fortnightly video-calls? Total time commitment = 8 hours + training.
Dates Mentoring calls are flexible to your schedule, but can you join us for a couple of fixed dates? 21st June, 6-8pm (Speed Matching); 30th June, 6-7pm (Launch Event).
Communication Can you make use of Microsoft Teams to facilitate communication? You will be given a login to Microsoft Teams where all call will take place for safeguarding reasons. Training on how to use the platform is provided.
Your Network Can you create a rich experience for your mentee by using your network of contacts (e.g. introducing them to colleagues)?
Project Support Can you support your Mentee with a personal project over the course of four months? This project could be a blog, for example, of their mentorship journey and learnings.
Mentor Support Are you able to engage and follow with Meeting & Topic Guides for your video-calls with your mentee? You will receive Mentor Training and have access to a Mentor Network & a helpline for support.

Apply to become a mentor

Our application process is very simple and is open until Sunday 16th May.