Become a Fellow

The Society’s Fellowship is international, and its Fellows are drawn from all walks of life, ranging from leading professional scientists to amateur naturalists.

The Society welcomes anyone interested in natural history, in all its subject areas. Scientists, horticulturalists, artists and historians of natural history, both amateur and professional, are all warmly encouraged to join our growing Fellowship.

Admission Of Women

Our ballots take place 4 times a year at our Council Meetings. These are normally in January, March, May and October.

The next ballot will take place on the 19th October 2017. If you would like to apply for the next ballot please return your Certificate of Recommendation to us either by post or by email by the 10th October 2017. We do require at least one Fellow to propose new Candidates on their Certificate, if you do not know any Fellows then please submit your form with a brief resume outlining your interest in Natural History and we will ask one of our Officers to sign your Certificate to support your application.

Advantages of being a Fellow

From Fellows only events to accessing special publications, there are many benefits to becoming a Fellow of the Linnean Society. 

Costs and Application

To find out more about the application process and the cost of becoming a Fellow.

Membership of the Linnean Society

There are currently 3 membership options:

  • Fellowship - There are no prerequisites for becoming a Fellow other than an active interest in natural history. Fellows are entitled to borrow books from the Society's Library and are eligible to vote at General and Anniversary meetings on all matters concerning the Society. Fellows of the Linnean Society of London may use the suffix FLS after their name.
  • Associateship - Associates must be aged 18 or over and are entitled to borrow books from the Society's Library. Associates of the Linnean Society of London may use the suffix ALS after their name.
  • Student Associateship - Student Associates must be in full- or part-time education and at least 18 years of age (there is no upper age limit).  

For more information, please contact our Membership Officer.