Will Reefs of Calcifying Algae protect Marine Biodiversity against Climate Change?

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LUNCHTIME LECTURE 12:30–13:00 Wednesday 7 March 2018

coralline algal mimics
Image © Federica Ragazzola

Scientific evidence for climate change is already unequivocal, but how marine ecosystems will be affected is still an open question. While studies have been focusing on the survival of these reefs, little has been done on how these reefs can help the associated organisms survive in future oceans. In this study we used 3D artificial reef proto-types, resembling structures of natural coralline algae, to clarify the function of the algae reefs as a buffer for diversity, abundance and structural characteristics of the associated fauna. 

Dr Federica Ragazzola is a senior lecturer in Marine Biology at the University of Portsmouth. She is interested in the effects of climate change on adaptation, acclimatisation capacity and physiological response of calcareous marine organisms. 

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