Who Needs Taxonomists?


Who Needs Taxonomists? Articulating future needs

Day Meeting

11:00 - 17:00 Thursday 11th September


This meeting will bring together the ‘users’ of taxonomic data and those generating and interpreting the data on biodiversity. It will provide an opportunity for industry and other users to articulate their current and future needs to biological recorders and taxonomists.

The 1-day programme will comprise a series of perspectives, including those from industry, government/agencies, NGOs, vets/medics, horticulturists, trainers and taxonomists. The overall goal is to bring together and improve connectivity between users of taxonomic data and identifiers/taxonomists, highlighting the value of these experts, which will support the case for funding research and teaching in the taxonomy arena to ensure a continuing supply of appropriately trained experts to inform both industry and government alike with respect to describing and sustaining biodiversity.

As funding from traditional sources appears to be diminishing, one aim will be to identify and follow the lead given by those finding new models successful.

A programme for this day meeting can be found here.

A report from this meeting can be found here

Slides from the speakers an be found below