What is the Future for Biological Surveys? Are Specialists for Key Taxa at Risk of Becoming Extinct?

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SPECIALIST GROUP MEETING 11:00–16:30 Thursday 7 September 2017

Plenary Meeting of the Taxonomy and Systematics Committee of the Linnean Society of London.

This meeting will bring together academic and practitioner/user communities involved in biological surveys to discuss examples of survey outcomes, with the following aims:

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  1. To explore where there may be actual/imminent gaps in expertise.
  2. To look at how surveys may be used to help secure the necessary pool of skills in identification and taxonomy.   
  3. To explore the implications for non-specialists of new tools such as environmental DNA sequencing.
  4. To assess the impact of using apps on the accuracy of biological survey results.
  5. To reinforce the complementary role played by museum natural history collections, both in confirming identity in biological surveys, as well as in training.

This meeting will be of wide-ranging interest to taxonomists/systematists and identifiers, be they employed professionally or contributing as citizen scientists; to curators of museum collections; and especially to members of specialist natural history groups.  As an outcome, we will identify how we can collectively contribute practical help to ensure the continuity of relevant expertise and appropriate quality control for biological surveys.

The meeting will be chaired by Professor David Cutler, Past President of the Society and Chair of the T&S Committee. 

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  • The event will be followed by a wine reception. 
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