Understanding pollen and spore diversity


Understanding pollen and spore diversity

pollen and spore diversity

Linnean Society Palynology Specialist Group

The meeting aims to bring together researchers working on all aspects of pollen and spore diversity, including morphology, development, and the fossil record.


10.00 Welcome Dianne Edwards, President of the Linnean Society of London

10.05 Variation in pollen size and tetrad configuration in Late Triassic Classopollis as a measure of polyploidy in Cheirolepidaceae Wolfram Kürschner, University of Oslo

10. 35 Morphology and wall ultrastructure of the megaspore Reticuspinotriletes ravenscariensis gen. et sp. nov. from the Middle Jurassic of Yorkshire, UK Sam Slater, University of Sheffield

11.05 Coffee and posters in the Library

11.30 Spore development in Isoetes Stephen Blackmore, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh

12.00 Identification and characterisation of ß-1,3- and ß-1,4-glucanases essential for Arabidopsis pollen development Julia Tratt, University of Bath

12.30 “I get by with a little help from my friends”; nurse and companion cells in pollen development Hugh Dickinson, University of Oxford

13.00 Lunch (not provided)

14.15 Three palynological puzzles Bill Chaloner, Royal Holloway, University of London

14.45 Evolution and development of polyporate pollen at the angiosperm scale Charlotte Prieu, Université Paris Sud

15.15 Pollen melodies: Gunnar Erdtman, art, and palynology Anna Edlund, Lafayette College

15.45 Tea and posters in the Library

16.10 The global pattern across the Cretaceous-Paleogene mass-extinction interval Vivi Vajda, University of Lund

16.40 Pollen counting for diverse tropical ecosystems Hayley Keen, The Open University

17.10Closing remarks, followed by a wine reception in the Library of the Linnean Society

This event is free open open to all but regsitration is required

Image above: transmission electron micrograph of a pollen grain of a passion flower, Passiflora capsularis (Passifloraceae)

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