The World Beneath: A Marriage of Underwater Photography and Marine Biology

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LUNCHTIME LECTURE 12:30–13:00 Wednesday 4 March 2020

In this richly illustrated talk, we will investigate the smaller, often overlooked animals that inhabit coral reefs. Focusing on the biology and conservation of pygmy seahorses, fishes so small they barely stretch across a five pence piece, to other cryptic and diminutive habitat specialists that are being discovered regularly thanks to recreational divers. During our journey through the Pacific Ocean's Coral Triangle, we will encounter many newly discovered fishes, parasites and unusual reef creatures and how their discoveries have come about.

However, as the oceans change, the habitats these animals depend upon are becoming ever more uncertain.

Dr Richard Smith FLS, is a member of the IUCN Seahorse, Pipefish and Seadragon Specialist Group, World Pygmy Seahorse expert for and in 2018 described the seventh pygmy seahorse species: Hippocampus japapigu. He is a renowned underwater photographer and writer, his book The World Beneath: The Life and Times of Unknown Sea Creatures and Coral Reefs is available now.

  • This event is free and open to all.
  • Doors will open at 12:15.
  • Tea will be served in the Library following the event.

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