The Systematics Association 2018 President’s Lecture | Morphology, Molecules, Methods and the Discovery of Caecilian Biodiversity

Organiser: The Systematics Association

PARTNER EVENT 18:00–19:00, Wednesday 28 November

The Systematics Association, President's Lecture

Mark Wilkinson - President's lecture

My journey as a systematist began through an inexplicable early interest in caecilian amphibians. My primary focus on the biology of this very poorly known group got me into taxonomy and phylogenetics at a time when the latter was going through considerable development in terms of data, methods and concepts. A variety of issues I first encountered then, such as what are species, which data is most useful, what methods are best etc., remain of concern today. I will try to addrress many of these issues in a narrative that combines theoretical musing with empirical discoveries in the discovery of caecilian biodiversity and reveals the interplay between the two.

Mark Wilkinson FLS is an RCUK Individual Merit Researcher at the Natural History Museum, London and the outgoing President of the Systematics Association.

Wine will be served after the lecture to members and their guests.