The Joy of Discovering the Natural World


The Joy of Discovering the Natural World

Day Meeting

Plenary Meeting of the Taxonomy and Systematics Committee of the Linnean Society of London

09:30 Thursday 24th September 2015

natural world

The sheer excitement and importance of discovering and describing the natural world is often overlooked at a time of tremendous environmental uncertainty. This one-day meeting will bring together a number of UK scientists committed to describing new species to tell the stories that lie behind their discoveries. Each talk will give an overview of the new species, explain how they were discovered (field work, existing specimens, morphology, molecular data, serendipity) and discuss the significance and excitement of their work.

Below is a list of speakers appearing on the day, a full agenda can be found here.

Chair am Zerina Johanson Natural History Museum, London
Chair pm Ellinor Michel Natural History Museum, London

  • Introduction to The Linnean Society of London Taxonomy Committee David CutlerThe Linnean Society of London
  • Introduction to the day Robert ScotlandUniversity of Oxford
  • New fishes Ralf BritzNatural History Museum, London
  • New hymenoptera Gavin BroadNatural History Museum, London
  • New dinosaurs Richard ButlerUniversity of Birmingham
  • Novel Plankton diversity Michael CunliffePlymouth University
  • New fungi Bryn DentingerRBG Kew
  • New centipedes Greg EdgecombeNatural History Museum, London
  • New fossil plants Dianne EdwardsUniversity of Cardiff
  • New begonias Mark HughesRBG Edinburgh
  • New arthropods David LeggOxford University Museum of Natural History
  • New polychaetes Luke ParryUniversity of Bristol
  • New jumping plant lice Diana PercyNatural History Museum, London
  • New lobopods Jakob VintherUniversity of Bristol
  • New tropical primulas Tim UtteridgeRBG Kew
  • New grasses Maria VorontsovaRBG Kew
  • New chromophytes David WilliamsNatural History Museum, London
  • New morning glories John WoodUniversity of Oxford
  • Concluding remarks Sandy KnappNatural History Museum, London

Registration is essential and cost £10 per delegate. This includes lunch, tea/coffee and a wine reception.

Image (c) Hermes Justiniano