The Inside Out of Flies and Why They Matter

Erica McAlister FLS will explore the biology of flies, arguably the most distrusted creatures on the planet by the public, but some of the most important creatures in understanding world around us


ONLINE LUNCHTIME LECTURE 12.30 - 13.00 Wednesday 9 September 2020

Erica with a Laphria fly
Erica with a Laphria fly

In this lecture, Dr Erica McAlister FLS FRES hopes to highlight not only their ecological importance, e.g. in pollination and decomposition, but also how their morphology has enabled them to be some of the most vital species for these processes. From their elongated mouthparts, to their ability to hover, and their amazing adaptability to new habitats, flies dominate the planet and are an essential, but neglected part of it.

Erica has been working at the Natural History Museum, London for over 15 years, working on flies and fleas. She specialises in Lower Brachyceran flies, mosquitoes and fungus gnats and carries out taxonomic, biodiversity and vector research on these groups. In 2018, she was awarded the ZSL Clarivate Analytics Award for Communicating Zoology for her book ‘The Secret Life of Flies’.

  • This event will take place online using Zoom video-conferencing.
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