The Genetic Biodiversity of Farmed Animals


The Genetic Biodiversity of Farmed Animals

A Linnean Lunchtime Lecture

12:30 Wednesday 3rd June 2015


A dozen or so species, which have been truly domesticated, have been developed by man into literally thousands of different breeds and varieties. These breeds supply food, clothing, power source, ornament, entertainment and more recently are significant providers of environmental conservation resources.

There is a bewildering array of characteristics meeting the requirements of every different farming system and environment. In this country alone there are over 700 breeds of farmed livestock which make a fascinating collection of variation which has been influenced by the numerous different invaders and traders of the British Isles. Many of these breeds have truly remarkable characteristics, some of them of great value in today’s world and for the future, making a strong case for conserving and maintaining this valuable genetic resource.

Join us today as Andrew Sheppy, Director of The Cobthorn Trust, shows that even a brief exploration of this wonderfully varied genetic resource proves just how right it was for the Global Biodiversity Strategy to call for targeted conservation efforts to maintain livestock genetic diversity.

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Doors open at 12:00 and tea and coffee will be served in the library following the event.

Image (c) Andrew Sheppy