The Ecological Effects of Ocean Acidification

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EVENING LECTURE 18:00–19:00 Thursday 27 February 2020

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This presentation explores the biology of ocean acidification, the process whereby carbon dioxide emitted to the atmosphere is rapidly changing the chemistry of the surface ocean. By investigating areas acidified by underwater volcanoes we can predict which marine organisms will thrive and which are most vulnerable. The natural gradients of carbon dioxide are like a time machine, showing which organisms can survive and what coastal habitats might look like in the coming years. As carbon dioxide levels increase this benefits some organisms, such as jellyfish and algae, but it causes an overall loss of marine biodiversity, both in temperate and tropical systems. Key groups, like hard corals, sea urchins and coralline algae, are outcompeted and fish reproduction is impacted. These findings are being used to inform policy makers and people most affected, like those who rely on fisheries and coastal tourism.

Jason is President Elect of the British Phycological Society and is organising a conference on algae in Plymouth on the 6–9 January 2020, co-hosted by the University of Plymouth. The Marine Biological Association and Plymouth Marine Laboratory. Register for the conference using this link

Jason Hall-Spencer is a Professor of Marine Biology at the University of Plymouth and a Research Professor at Tsukuba University, Japan. He was awarded the British Association Charles Lyell Award for science communication, giving public lectures about the discovery of deep-sea coral reefs in the Arctic. His ongoing research at the Universities of Plymouth (UK), Tsukuba (Japan) and Xiamen (China) is focussed on how rising carbon dioxide levels are affecting marine ecosystem services worldwide.

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